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Blair Oxford, M. Ed., LPC, ACC
ADHD Coach / Therapist / Speaker

As a licensed professional counselor at Gulf Coast ADHD, Blair has a passion for helping her clients succeed. Through her own experiences and years of coaching, Blair has learned how debilitating and shameful ADHD can be for those who have unrecognized, or poorly managed symptoms.


Disruptive behavior stemming from ADHD can show up in the workplace, at school, and in the family dynamic as well. Blair leverages her depth of knowledge and proven strategies to educate, motivate and inspire her clients. She understands the science and everyday reality of living with ADHD and can effectively coach her clients to help them make better decisions, focus on their personal goals, and achieve success in both a working and academic environment.


There can be a lot of shame associated with an ADHD diagnosis. Blair is committed to addressing these issues, and as a result, her coaching focuses on the true magic within each client. Her empathetic demeanor lends itself to teaching others how to appreciate their unique brain wiring. Her focus is on coaching each client how to live within their strengths and to develop and nurture genuine compassion for themselves, and others.


Blair holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Community/Agency Counseling. She has continued formal training at ADDCA, the ADD Coach Academy, where she earned her ACC. Blair has also completed the ADDCA Family ADHD Coach Program. She is the new Defense Against the Arts Teacher at Hogwarts of Fairhope Summer Camp, where she developed a curriculum to teach shame resiliency and the magic of self-compassion.

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